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Welding Analitix is headquartered in Durban, South Africa.


We provide turn-key welding solutions to all industries; Maritime and Oil & Gas, Automotive, Heavy Machinery, Construction and Mining industry. From consulting to consumable and equipment supplies, we are your solutions provider.

We  have a strategic partnership with KISWEL which is a specialized welding consumable manufacturer with Headquarters in South Korea whom provide a full spectrum of welding solutions, for all industries.

We also represent AMPCO Metal’s special copper-based and MIG WELD's aluminium welding products in Southern Africa. AMPCO provides a full range of aluminum bronze and other copper-based arc welding alloys that are suited for a wide range of applications. MIG WELD based in France is one of Europe's leading aluminium welding wire producers.

When it comes to welding machines, we have chosen FRONIUS as our machine and welding technology partner. Fronius is a global leader when it comes to welding machines and technology. Fronius provides the full range of welding machines, from small battery powered MMA machines to robotic welding machines used by the world's leading manufacturers. 


Leave the regulatory, procedure qualifications, consumable and equipment requirements to us and let us help you integrate welding technology into your business seamlessly. 

Contact us today to get the conversation going for a solution to meet your needs.

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